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You know your Myers-Briggs type and your astrological sign, but how about your constitutional type according to Chinese Medicine?

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Your constitutional type is like the cards you’re dealt at birth: your physiological strength and temperament: whether we’re Type A, introverted or extroverted, people-oriented; which organ systems will tend to be rock-solid, and which ones will be challenge areas that need support.

The cool thing is that we don’t have to be limited by our constitutional type. We have all the elements within us. Even though we’re dealt a set of cards at the start of the game, we get to throw a few of those cards back. Just because breast cancer or diabetes or heart disease runs in the family doesn’t mean we’re bound to get it.

We switch our DNA on and off all the time with the choices we make on a regular basis. Our diet, sleep, emotions, and levels of environmental toxicity all play a role in determining which genes get expressed and which won’t.  Our thoughts and beliefs are even more malleable.

Recognizing that we don’t have to be bound by our go-to tendencies and habits, we are free to stretch into the fullness of our potential on all levels.  We may even discover new latent superpowers — inner strengths we have yet to tap.

Want to get a sense of your type? Take this little quiz I made and find out.

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