Two Simple Questions to Help You Relax Your Mind

Qigong can be thought of as a moving meditation. Regular practice helps to improve bone density, balance, sleep, cardiovascular function, digestion, and immunity. It also helps to reduce stress and pain. Pretty cool, huh? It can even help your cells live longer – and when your cells live longer, so…

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A Healthy Curiosity, Episode 47: Sleep Science with Dr. Michael Breus

Sleep Science Cover Art

  Click here to download .mp3.   Episode 47: Sleep Science with Dr. Michael Breus, author and Clinical Psychologist Dolphins and lions and bears, oh my! And don’t forget the wolves. In Episode 47 of A Healthy Curiosity, host Brodie Welch, L.Ac. talks with Dr. Michael Breus, author and Clinical…

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Struggle with Sleep? Download my Free Tip Sheet

woman sleeping

I’ll confess: sleep is a struggle for me. It’s also the most important factor as to what kind of a day I’m likely to have. The ease or lack thereof that I experience in sticking with my healthy habits starts the night before. Getting enough sleep is my “keystone habit:”…

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Could your BFF’s sister be holding you back?

Did you know that can depression, happiness, obesity, smoking, and drinking can all be contagious? Kind of like we catch colds from the people we hang out with, we also “catch” habits from one another. Say you’re at dinner with friends and you’re ambivalent about ordering a second glass of…

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Chinese Medicine on the Conscious Path and Quick Favor

Hand with palm facing up; two fingers of another hand (pointer and middle) are pointing to Pericardium 6 (two fingers below wrist crease on outside of inner wrist - straight down from pinky finger) and Heart 7 (3 fingers blow wrist crease in the middle of the inner wrist)

Do you have 3 minutes to help me out with a quick favor? I’d love to get to know you better, and where you are on your path to thriving. By way of shameless bribery, I’m giving away copies of my new Healthy Eating Meditation (which has been helping lots…

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My Hardest Lesson from 2016 and How to Evolve Your Habits

  2017 has barely begun and if you’re like most people – an estimated 92% – your New Year’s resolution is dead and gone. That’s because we’re creatures of habit, not will power. Making a real change requires putting new habits on autopilot. If you’re on an evolutionary growth path, I produced…

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A Healthy Curiosity, Episode 29: Your Mindset Matters with JJ Virgin

Your Mindset Matters Cover

    Episode 29: Your Mindset Matters with JJ Virgin, CNS, CHFS When tragedy strikes, it can be difficult to stay positive and present, but our mindset can really influence the way we deal with, overcome, or power through adversity. In today’s episode, Brodie talks with JJ Virgin, CNS, CHFS,…

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A Health Curiosity, Episode 26: Brodie’s Holiday Tips

  Episode 26: Brodie’s Holiday Tips   Ah, the holidays. A time of family togetherness, warmth, and cheer… plus hard-to-digest food, alcohol, and stress. Whether you’re celebrating at home or traveling to see family and friends, Brodie has 8 great tips to help you weather the ups and downs of…

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Pain in the Neck? Acupuncture’s got your back.

By: Joe Moceus, L.Ac. Ever woken up with a stiff neck where you couldn’t turn your head completely in one direction? It’s a real pain the neck, right? Simple daily tasks like putting on a shirt or driving a car suddenly pose a challenge. A neck injury can lead to…

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My Accident, Fall Health Tips, and Basics of Chinese Medicine Registration

Last week, a Toyota Tacoma truck slammed into the back of my poor little Honda Fit and smashed my car into the city bus which was stopped at the light in front of me. My car crumpled at both ends like an accordion. It was one of those moments where…

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