Calm Yourself: Self-Care Strategies for Stress and Anxiety

Tired of feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed?

Create more ease in your life. I’ll teach you how.

I have helped thousands of stressed out, anxious people feel better in my acupuncture practice. While acupuncture and herbs are indeed powerful medicine for managing stress and anxiety, they’re not the only way. It’s the stuff you do every day on your own that will change your life. I created Calm Yourself: Self-Care Strategies for Stress and Anxiety to show you how.

Calm Yourself: Self Care Strategies for Stress and Anxiety

In this course, I share with you the most clinically effective strategies I know for managing stress and anxiety.

Does this sound like you?

  • You feel stressed or anxious more than you’d like
  • You’re wicked capable of getting it all done; you look like you’ve got it all figured out, but you often feel overwhelmed
  • You take excellent care of your family, your partner, your co-workers – sometimes at the expense of taking care of yourself
  • You’re often so busy that you don’t even know how you’re really feeling
  • You’re relying on sugar, caffeine, and alcohol in order to feel good more often than you’d like to admit
  • You’d rather take action than take pills
  • You’d be up for trying something like meditation or qi gong, but are wary of gurus, dogma and the latest fad
  • You’re willing to conduct experiments in the laboratory of your own body to see what works for you
  • You are ready to feel different and are prepared to make changes to get there

If any of that resonates, this course was designed especially for you.*

Drawing on the time-tested wisdom of Chinese Medicine and yoga, as well as modern research and my clinical experience, I give you practical instructions and bite-sized bio-hacks for creating a different relationship with your nervous system to feel more calm, confident, and relaxed — and better able to radiate your awesomeness.

Contrary to what drug companies would like us to believe, pharmaceuticals don’t cure anxiety. They may help make symptoms less intense, and going from a 5 to a 4 on the severity scale might be vitally important if it helps you go from unable-to-function to able to get through your day. But actually changing the stress pattern is an inside job. This course will teach you to rewire your nervous system with tools like meditation, breathing, qi gong, philosophy, diet, lifestyle, self-inquiry, and yoga in small, digestible chunks. You get to pick the strategies that work for you. Then watch how small daily changes help transform your relationship with stress and anxiety.

It’s nice to feel calm. But it goes way beyond that. Think of how much better everything in your life flows when you’re relaxed.

  • You feel grounded and comfortable in your own skin wherever you go.
  • You can easily access your inner wisdom, which helps you to feel confident in your decisions and able to respect your limits
  • You are more present for those you love
  • You’re able to let go of the small stuff, to feel lighter and free of worry
  • You’re healthier: 80-90% of all health problems are worsened if not caused by stress. So when you’re less anxious, you
    • sleep better
    • have more energy
    • have better immunity and digestion
    • have an easier time losing weight as your hormones re-balance
    • enjoy easier cycles, less PMS, and fewer menopausal symptoms
    • revive your libido
    • feel less pain and inflammation
    • lower blood pressure
    • and a zillion other things. It’s a practically endless list.

“A life-changer for sure! I loved the whole course! I think the most valuable part was accepting doing less without guilt. I have also slowed down my actions and made them much more deliberate. I have loved adding bio-hacks, breathing, yoga and acupressure to my morning meditation routine.

I have become much more forgiving and accepting of myself. I start each day calm and focused and use the bio-hacks when needed to boost my resolve. When something bad or difficult happens I seem much more likely to pause and work through it without anger. Thank you for all of your hard work and commitment to improving my life! You are a wonderful blessing to me and I am sure many others!”

– Kay Graven, Dallas, OR

Changing your relationship with stress is the most powerful thing you can do for your health.


Are you ready to feel more calm and confident, for about the cost of just a couple of acupuncture or counseling sessions?

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What you’ll learn:

  • A new way of looking at yourself, from a Chinese Medicine perspective
  • Time-tested methods of calming the mind: meditation, breathing, qi gong, and visualization condensed into short practices designed to fit into your day
  • How to use your breath to affect your mind and nervous system
  • How you can succeed at meditating even if you think you can’t
  • How to identify and alter the core beliefs that keep you stuck in a stress pattern
  • Dietary tips for a calm nervous system
  • A handful of yoga poses to increase confidence and to ground yourself
  • A simple self-massage routine based in Chinese Medicine energetics
  • How to use a few key essential oils on acu-points to alleviate stress
  • Scientifically proven strategies to succeed in getting these new habits to stick

Jennie Cramer“I really like all the different tools for calming the f#%* down. 🙂 Between breathing, meditations, qi gong, acupressure, and essential oils I feel like I have more go to tools in my kit for when stress is setting in. I also really appreciated understanding what is happening neurologically when stress hits.

“I think anyone who feels challenged to manage stress or struggles with anxiety or depression would greatly benefit from this course. Honestly, I think most all Westerners would benefit from having the amazing tools in the Calm Yourself toolkit. I feel like I have so many new strategies to try and to see what fits best into my life.”

Jennie Cramer, Corvallis, OR

How it works:

Calm Yourself: Self-Care Strategies for Stress and Anxiety toolkitThe course is divided into four modules, which are delivered to your inbox over eight weeks for you to download and work on at your own pace. Changing patterns takes time. You’re rewiring your brain and re-pattering your nervous system. You’ll get instant access to your first module as soon as you confirm your registration. And you won’t be stuck in front of a computer — once you download your files, you can listen to your lectures on the go and take the meditations and videos with you anywhere.

Each module includes:

  • An audio lecture (25-55 minutes)
  • A combo-platter of short audio and video meditations and qi gong to help you practice
  • Worksheets and strategies to help you take action in both your inner and your outer world
  • Action Plan Checklists to help you implement the course in your life, on your schedule
  • Access to a private online group for peer support and encouragement
    — and a few surprises

What’s it worth to you to feel confident and calm?
You could pay upwards of $4500 a year getting acupuncture, massage, counseling once a week. And who knows how much more paying to treat stress-related illness.

You could invest $400 to learn this material at a live workshop.

Or buy this course, download it and use it as a resource any time for just $199.

Yes, I’m ready to invest $199 to rewire my nervous system, banish stress, and learn life-long tools for self-care.

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By purchasing Calm Yourself, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Or pay in installments – $77 a month for 3 months

“I appreciated having videos and lectures downloaded so I can go back and review them, and having daily assignments! Giving thanks for things every day makes me a more positive person and better outlook on life. Nice to know we can just spend 5 minutes!

DEFINITELY a value for the money. Great to have all this info to review. You have done an amazing job! Much more than I expected!”

– Astrid H., Corvallis, OR


*Note: This program is not for you if:

  • You’re looking for “magic pills” – even natural ones — to make you feel happy all the time
  • You’re not willing to invest five to thirty minutes a day to change the way you feel
  • You want someone endlessly repeating how relaxed and peaceful you feel while listening to whale songs
  • You think that bodymind practices are dumb
  • You’re a purist who will be offended by my patching together wisdom from different traditions
  • You’re looking for a guru or enlightened master – I’m not quite there yet even with my daily practice! 😉

But if you’re ready to develop a different relationship with your nervous system and body, do yourself a favor and start now. Stop feeling victimized by anxiety. Start practicing.

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Feedback for Calm Yourself:


“I would definitely recommend this to friends and acquaintances! I liked the online aspect so that I could go at my own pace and re-watch or re-listen to the programs! I found most useful: creating habits…starting simple and building…and most of all, that I am building these habits for me. . . my time for me. And your lectures were wonderful!”

– Lizzie S. Issaquah, WA

Susan Richardson“Loved it all: very professional and personal. I was able to immediately use the information, tools, and videos to make changes in my life. Changes I’ve wanted to make for a long time but didn’t. The format was adaptable to my schedule and learning style.

I’ve always known how valuable it is to meditate. Now I’m meditating and its making a difference in my stress levels. My husband says I’m less reactive. I’m calmer and happier. I will continue to work the course. . . I feel like I just started to break these old patterns.

{Before enrolling}I was concerned I wouldn’t have time to do the course. I am so happy I enrolled because I learned to go at my own pace and not “stress myself out” with performance anxiety! I also learned how good it feels to be as good to myself as I am to others. It doesn’t take away from my life. It adds to it.

I had all four modules on both my home desktop computer, my Samsung tablet and my Nexus mini tablet. I could plug in anytime I wanted — and I did.

Would I recommend this class to others? Definitely! I recommended the course to a therapist friend for her clients, my women’s group, and I’d love for my daughter to take it.”

– Susan Richardson, Corvallis, OR

“Each module contained something that I could utilize immediately as well as other items that could be explored at a later date. I created a notebook with all of my printed materials along with the date that the module had been released. It brought me a lot of joy, knowing that I could pick it up when an opportunity presented itself.

Would I recommend this class to others? Yes! I love that there are both active and passive aspects to it which could apply to anyone who wants a calmer, happier life!”

– ER, Corvallis, OR

“The belly breathing was good — I want to use all the time. [I would recommend this class to others], because I think Brodie is so amazing and has such a wealth of knowledge to share. She is such a caring person.”

– Jordi, Portland, OR

“I really appreciated knowing that I was taking this class. As I thought about the class, I noticed I took deeper breaths and had the sense that I was not alone in this stress. I have downloaded everything and plan to listen to it on long drives. One of my favorite things about the course was the email that said something about not stressing or pressuring myself about doing the class right 🙂 It was perfect timing. I appreciate knowing that I have them to listen to and watch as I can. I love your courses, Brodie! I think all of my friends, family and colleagues could benefit from this class. :”

– Rachael W., Corvallis, OR

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