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Help your out-of-state friends and family members find a well-trained acupuncturist in their city. In some states, doctors are allowed to perform acupuncture with little or no training, as opposed to the 4-year Masters degree programs required to sit for the NCCAOM exam. Find a Nationally Certified practitioner at to help your loved ones find a well-qualified practitioner near them.

Digest Well

Veggie soupAs many of you know, good digestion is central in the production of energy in the body. No matter how nutritious a particular food is, it will not nourish you if you cannot digest it. If you suffer from symptoms of poor digestion: abdominal pain, bloating, acid reflux, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal fullness, tiredness, low immunity,nasal congestion, lethargy, etc., paying attention to diet is vitally important in restoring health. According to both Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda (the traditional medicine of India), a diet consisting mainly of warm, cooked, freshly prepared food is the way to restoring healthy digestive system and maintaining overall health. Specifically, kitchari is an especially digestible food, simple food that I often recommend to patients with poor digestion or at the change of the seasons. Check out the Ayurvedic Institute’s resources page for a kitchari recipe and tips about food combining for optimal digestion.

Just as important as what to eat is what not to eat. It probably goes without saying that limiting your intake of sugar, caffeine, alcohol, pesticides, anything artificial, hormone-laden animal products, and trans fats. As for further do’s and don’ts, I agree heartily with Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food, who distills his thorough investigation of diet into seven words: “Eat food, mostly plants, not too much.” The word “food” here is used in contrast to complicated, processed food-like products. Elaborating on what food is, he offers a second rule of thumb: “Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.” Chinese Medicine is based on living in harmony with nature. Putting only things that nature intended into our bodies seems like sound advice.


East Meets West: Acupuncture and the Future of Health Care in America

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A great introduction to the philosophy and treatment strategies of Chinese Medicine. This film combines treatment room footage with interviews with acupuncturists (including Brodie) and other health care providers, and testimonials from patient with a vision for a integrated medicine of the future that combines the best of Chinese and Western medicine.

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