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5 BioHacks to Reduce Stress Cover - woman on beach at sunset with hands in the air

I seem to have a knack for doing things the hard way. I kind of get off on it, working hard. I like pushing my limits, challenging myself physically, professionally, and pushing the edge of my personal evolution. The thing about pushing and working hard — yang mode — is…

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A Healthy Curiosity, Episode 40 – Essential Oils: First Aid for Body and Soul

Cover Art - Essential Oils: First Aid for Body & Soul

    Episode 40 – Essential Oils: First Aid for Body and Soul with Tiffany Carole Pollard, MS, L.Ac., LMP   What’s in your first aid kit? If all you’ve got is band-aids, antibiotic ointment, NSAIDs, and antihistamines, you could be missing out. In Episode 40, Brodie talks with Tiffany…

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Chinese Medicine on the Conscious Path and Quick Favor

Hand with palm facing up; two fingers of another hand (pointer and middle) are pointing to Pericardium 6 (two fingers below wrist crease on outside of inner wrist - straight down from pinky finger) and Heart 7 (3 fingers blow wrist crease in the middle of the inner wrist)

Do you have 3 minutes to help me out with a quick favor? I’d love to get to know you better, and where you are on your path to thriving. By way of shameless bribery, I’m giving away copies of my new Healthy Eating Meditation (which has been helping lots…

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