Two Simple Questions to Help You Relax Your Mind

Qigong can be thought of as a moving meditation. Regular practice helps to improve bone density, balance, sleep, cardiovascular function, digestion, and immunity. It also helps to reduce stress and pain. Pretty cool, huh? It can even help your cells live longer – and when your cells live longer, so do you.


Qigong is one of my favorite things to do because it helps me live my life to the fullest! The more Qigong I can fit into a day, the better I feel. That’s why I try to do Qigong as much as possible.


Here are two questions you can ask yourself to incorporate more Qigong and relaxation into your everyday life.


Question 1: “What’s going on in your body right now?”

Notice your posture. Scan your awareness over your physical body. What areas get your attention? Do you feel areas of tension? How about openness? There is a lot of “stuff” (pardon the technical language) going on right now all over your body. Blood is moving, cells are dying and being born, food is being digested, neurotransmitters are transmitting, muscles are flexing and relaxing. Take just a moment. What do you feel within your body?


You can focus on your posture, your movements, and any other sensations you might be feeling. You can do this while driving, walking, bagging groceries, playing with your kids, and even while reading this blog.


Question 2: “How are you breathing right now?”

Try relaxing your chest and allowing your abdomen to expand with an inhale. When you feel ready to exhale, feel the abdomen relax as the air leaves your lungs. Congratulations, you just did a deep belly breath!


This is a powerful breathing technique that helps to bring our physiology into a super mellow self-healing mode and helps to relax our mind and nervous system – not to mention it feels really good. And since we need to breath to stay alive, we might as well breath in a way that helps us feel relaxed and repair our bodies.


Relaxed Mind

Wouldn’t it be nice to perpetually be in an open, relaxed, present, and expansive state of mind?

If we could do that, we likely wouldn’t need a bodymind practice. The good news is that if you just concentrate on your Breath and Body, your Mind naturally finds this state.


If you check in regularly with your Breath and Body, you cultivate a relaxed state of mind. Regular Qigong practice makes this awareness and relaxation become second nature.


If you’re interested in developing your Tai Chi and Qigong practice further, you can also look into my upcoming 10 week qigong course starting September 14th (that’s this Thursday). You can sign up until September 21st and we’ll pro-rate the first week after the 14th. Registration for the 7-Day Qi Gong Challenge is over, but if you’d like to sign up to be notified when registration opens for then next round, click here.


If you loved the 7 Day Qigong Challenge and prefer online learning, my colleague Brodie also has a great online qigong course that you can learn more about here.

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